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Tbilisi Mountain Biking all you need to know

You can see the 5000 meter Mount Kazbegi

Mountain biking is becoming more popular in Sakartvelo (Georgia). There is even a small dirt park pump track at Hippodrome but the most popular area for mountain biking is at Turtle Lake. From Vake Park you can take the Gondola up to Turtle Lake and go on a decently build downhill track. The whole area is full of little trails and is also very popular for hiking. It’s easy to just go there and explore on your own but here a few tacks.

Udzo Monastery

The classic all downhill. Take a taxi up to Udzo Monastery and enjoy this nice tour.

The view over Tbilsi is stuning

Antenna Downhill

Technical up and technical down this is for the tougher ones.

Lisi Lake Single Trail

If you don’t have your own bike with you. This is a nice one to do. The best bike rental is Georider up at Lisi Lake. Right there is also the start for this nice little single trail tour.

If you are looking to buy a bike I recommend Buru Sport. There is two Buru Sport make sure to go to the one with the bikes.
The best bike repair shop is Bike House make sure to talk to Misha the owner.

Bazaleti to Natakhtari

Bring your swimming pants for this one. First you can swim in Basaleti Lake. Then in Basse’Inn in Natakhtari.

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