MTB in Gudauri Kazbegi Area All you need to know

About New Gudauri

View from New Gudauri

I recommend staying in New Gudauri. It is only 2 hours from Tbilisi and there is a lot of apartments for rent from cheap to quite luxurious. Accommodation is plentiful you are already on 2000m. Specially in summer you should be able to find some very affordable long term rentals. Even better you can use the Gondola to reach Truso Valley without a car and you can visit us at the restaurant. All the mountain biking will be accessible with a minimum of car transport necessary but a car with a driver to drop you and pick you up again is nice to have.

Khada Gorge

The best single trail you can find is on the backside of Chrdili Second Peak. You can approach it from New Gudauri directly it is only 80 altitude meters up to Chrdili Peak 2 then its mostly down. Free GPX download from ViewRanger here.

Best to organise a car to pick you up in Bedani but you can ride back up to Gudauri on a old road. It is also possible to approach this route from the top of the Gondola. This route takes you back up and also uses the different approach. Free GPX download from ViewRanger here.

Gergeti Trinity Church to Arsha

900m👆 1300m👇

This is one of the most memorable bike rides I have ever done. Organise your drop off at Gergeti Trinity church and use the classic approach route for Kazbeg Mountain all the way to the Altihut. It’s possible to eat and drink there and enjoy the view of the glacier. Climb higher up all the way to the glacier or climb only 200 meters more to get into Toti Valley. First freeride on the grass plane then follow the gps track. Reach the abandoned looking village Toti, meet horse herds and sheep herds and Shepard Dogs. Then ride by the waterfall and reach Arsha Village on the Military Highway. There is a nice Restaurant in Arsha if you are hungry. From Arsha it is 20min by Car back to Gudauri.
Free GPX download from ViewRanger here.

Truso Valley

Truso Valley Mineral Springs

Starting in Gudauri take the Gondola all the way up to Kobi Pass. Ride your bike to Kobi Middle Station on the gravel road and take the Gondola down to Kobi Base Station. There is no trail going all the way down. From there the real route starts. Ride in to the valley and take the road left up towards Khorisar Mountain. 600 meter of climbing later you reach the highest point. Ride downhill on gravel road to the mineral springs. Then continue to the lake. Take a swim and ride back to the Gondola on the main road. Keep in mind to be back at the Gondola 20min before it closes and go back to Kobi Pass. Then take the gravel road and official downhill trail back to Gudauri. Bring your swimsuit!

Sno Valley to Black Aragvi Valley via Gudamaqari

Since the flood in 2022 this route became much harder. It is still a very interesting and beautiful one. The views are amazing and part of it is on a decent road but the flood destroyed most of the road and bridges so crossing the Aragvi River and get your shoes wet is necessary about 5 times. Also don’t let yourself be lead to believe that this is a easy route because its only 600 meters of climbing, it’s not, unless the road and bridges get repaired. Starting in Snow Valley to Black Aragvi Valley. Thanks to the Gondola you can get to Kobi Village easily without a car and ride 23km on the road to access this route or take a taxi, personally I would probably use a car to avoid roads. Once you reach the highest point you ride all the way to Passanauri from where you definitely need a car to bring you back to Gudauri. Free GPX download from ViewRanger here.

Official Downhill Track in Gudauri

First thing most MTBikers do when they arrive is the official downhill track. It is fun and challenging but not something you want to do over and over again. Follow the yellow poles they have put up from the top of the New Gudauri Gondola. Take the lift up if it is running or drive up with a 4×4. In summer they are open from 11 to 5. There is plans to build more trails but we will see how will get done this year.

Bike Rental not available

If you want to rent a bike you have to do that in Tbilisi. Your options,Mplus and Georiders. Check them both out and see what they have available and what fits your needs best.

Author: Michael